Japan cheap travel

A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

 Brightly coloured Koi Carp
 Brightly coloured Koi Carp
 Japanese garden framed view
 Japanese garden framed view

Good budget guesthouses

We recommend the following list of guesthouses from our own personal experience. We will also be adding to the list if we've heard good things about a place.

The list does not only include traditional Japanese Guesthouses, Minshuku or Ryokan, in the strictest sense, but present good value Japanese-style alternatives.

Kyoto Guesthouses

  • Tani House: It's a ramshackle old house full of character, containing some of the best budget rooms you will find in Kyoto. It is right next door to the beautiful Daitokuji Temple Complex. You would need to get a bus to and from the center of Kyoto. Highly recommended!
  • Sanki Inn: A budget Minshuku. This house is well kept and clean. The location is very convenient for bus lines, train station, restaurants and food stores. Recommended!
  • Aoi-so Inn: This place is not quite the same since the enigmatic long-time proprietor, Mama-san, sadly passed away. Nevertheless, it is still very clean, cheap and conveniently placed. Mama-san's son has taken over and be aware that there are charges for 'extras' such as showers - 100yen for 15min and 100yen for two hours of air conditioning.

Tokyo Guesthouses

  • Taito Ryokan: Friendly and very popular backpackers' ryokan in a characterful old house in Asakusa area of Tokyo. Book in advance. Recommended!

Sapporo Guesthouses

  • Nonaka Guesthouse: Our first introduction to Japan was here and while the outside of the guesthouse may not inspire thoughts of a traditional Japanese guesthouse, the rooms are very clean, excellent value and the owners are welcoming and hospitable. It is well located, only a ten minute walk to Susukino and Odori Park. Highly recommended!