Japan cheap travel

A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

 Himeji Castle
 Himeji Castle: a day trip from Hiroshima
 Cats shopping
 Cats shopping in Kyoto
 Aso-san: an active volcano
 Aso-san: an active volcano

Our backpacking itinerary

Below is a summary of our trip itinerary. It is by no means a perfect example and it should be noted that some decisions depended on our circumstances at the time, not only budget considerations. The WWOOFing took us to some out of the way places that would not necessarily be on a typical traveller's itinerary.

However, the itinerary will give you an overview of the kind of budget combination that can be done: camping, WWOOFing, business hotels, love hotels, minshuku, mountain huts and so on. It is these decisions that will help you to keep costs to a minimum while still seeing the country and having a fantastic backpacking adventure.


30Singapore to Fukuoka
 Internal flight to Sapporo (JAL Air Pass), Nonaka Guesthouse


2Soranuma Dake Hiking Trail, Mankei-numa Mountain Hut
4Daisetsuzan National Park, Asahi-dake Youth Hostel and Onsen
6Sapporo, love hotel
9Hakodate, Niceday Inn
10Sendai, Toyoko Inn
11Kinkazan Island, family-run minshuku
12Nikko, Narusawa Minshuku
15Chuzen-ji, Mt. Shibayama Camping Ground
16Hiraizumi, temple youth hostel
17Kurikoma Kougen, nature school with WWOOF Japan
26Tokyo, Taito Ryokan
27Amami-Oshima, Tropical Hotel
28Tokunoshima Island, homestay with WWOOF Japan


13Kagoshima, Young Inn
15Yakushima Island, Inakahama Beach campsite
18Yakushima Island, Anbo campsite
19Yakushima Island, Chinryu-an Guesthouse
20Yakushima Island, Kurio Bay campsite
26Asosan, campsite
28Fukuoka, business hotel
30Hiroshima, Mikawa Ryokan


1Miyajima Island, Miyajima Tsutsumigaura Camp-jo
2Hiroshima plus day trip to Himeji
3Kyoto, Tani House next to Daitokuji
17Kuala Lumpur via Singapore